Mike Voropaev —

   Visual artist Mike Voropaev was born in December 1992 in Kirov, Russia. 
   He studied computer science engineering and graduated with a masters degree. Later he rediscovered his passion for design and 3D graphics, and started to work as a freelance designer with strong technical background.
   Now he works internationally with a lot of well known brands and startups, creating unique and tailored visual experiences.
   He is actively experimenting with different styles and unexpected tools — from 3D graphics, VR, AR, code, animation to paint, cloth and even analog film. 
   Intensively using his knowledge in technologies, fashion and every aspect of contemporary culture, he always trying to resonate with zeitgeist and topics society worried about.
   Compiling art and science together, Mike Voropaev coming up with new and unexpected visual forms.

Exhibitions and Publications —

2019 — Papercut — "Welcome to Surveillance" magazine, pages 48-51. 

2018 — ELLO x DRIBBBLE — "Make Good" magazine, page 83. Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Sep 11th – Oct 11th 2018 — The Directed Art Modern — "Pop! Goes Identity!" exhibition. Miami, USA.
A group showing of Pop Art exploring identity through modern day obsessions, dilemmas, consumerism, and life in General.

29 times featured in different galleries — Behance network

Numerous times featured on Adobe and Autodesk social network pages.
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